There are 5 local groups in Norfolk. Each group represents an area of Norfolk. We call these locality groups.

The different groups are:

  • East Norfolk
  • North Norfolk and Broadland
  • Norwich
  • South Norfolk
  • West Norfolk

Each locality group looks at the issues people with learning disabilities face in their area.

They look at the issues the families experience too.

The groups report issues to The Learning Disability Partnership Board. We then look at ways to try to fix them.

Each locality group is open to the public and can include

  • People with learning disabilities and their families/carers
  • People who work at the County Council
  • People who provide services for people with learning disabilities
  • County Councillors
  • People from the local area who want to help

We try to make sure each locality group has at least two members of The Learning Disability Partnership Board.

These members are:

  • An adult with learning disabilities
  • Someone who cares for someone with learning disabilities. Like a parent or carer

To find out when and where a Locality Group is look below for the one you are interested in below or email

The Norfolk Learning Disability Locality Groups

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